Work Strengths: Using Your Strengths at Work

Strengths Work
We’re on a mission to inspire and empower women and others to impact the world by actively strengthening unique talents to reach full potential.

Access Your Extraordinary

Everyone has talent.  All talent has potential.  Awareness of your talents enables you to witness your greatness in action. Claiming that talent gives power to your potential.  Pointing your talents intentionally gives access to your extraordinary  .


I am passionate about leading people to their unique talents, enlightening them of their extraordinary and provoking a journey to meet their full potential.

Career Coaching

Often what we do best is so natural we don’t recognize it as being our differentiator. Awareness of your innate talents is key to reaching your full potential. Strengths-based coaching helps you identify what you do best and how to apply that to your goals.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Great leaders need great followers.  Executive coaching is about you as a leader, of yourself and others.  Strengths-based coaching enables you to identify and amplify how you influence others, interact with others, find motivation and achieve results.

Team Coaching

We believe extraordinary results begin with the leader and are amplified by strong teams. Today, more than ever, teamwork is called upon to achieve results. How do you lead a team to an extraordinary result?


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Strengths Work is a strengths-based coaching company.

We specialize in empowering women and others. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, we focus on your strengths.


Think about it like this:

(Talent + Knowledge) X Strength-Building = Extraordinary Results


You already have the talent.

That’s innate, your greatest source of power.


Our Mission:  

Empower and inspire women and others to impact the world by actively strengthening their talents to reach their full potential

Strengths-based coaching can:

  • Use CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder) to identify your top five traits, or talents
  • Discover how your top traits complement one another
  • Identify and strengthen your leadership traits
  • Identify and strengthen the talents of the people you lead
  • Facilitate productive collaborations among them
  • Listen to your employees, identify their motivations, and create opportunities for their satisfaction and success. 


Consider it an investment in yourself.  An accountability partner, someone who sees your best self and pushes you to meet that self.

What can I expect?

Career Coaching

Beyond the basics outlined above, expect career coaching to focus on things like:

  • Positioning you to get promoted and make more money in the process
  • Navigating challenges and help to identify goals.
  • Mapping out a plan to accomplish things you would like to do.
  • Mastering a new assignment or project that seems daunting.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Expect executive and leadership coaching to focus on things like:

  • Identifying and strengthening your leadership traits
  • Identifying and strengthening the talents of the people you lead
  • Facilitating productive collaborations
  • Insight on how your leadership may be perceived.
  • Mapping goals and objectives
  • Understanding team dynamic
  • Identifying employee motivation and tying that to success.

High Performing Team Coaching

Expect team coaching to focus on things like:

  • Mapping out a plan of action for goal achievement utilizing everyone’s talents
  • Facilitating productive meetings, collaboration, and team building
  • Setting measurable milestones
  • Tracking progress and adjusting the plan as necessary
  • Acknowledging when team members outperform expectations


And we can get even more specific with our focus – from corporate team coaching, coaching large teams, women in leadership, small business.


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