Executive & Leadership Coaching Questions

Executive coaching is for leaders who want to maximize results. You need executive coaching if you want to:

  • Strengthen your leadership qualities
  • Develop the strengths of those you lead
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Clarify your own professional goals
  • Prepare yourself for a new executive leadership role
  • Take your small business to the next level

Whether you’re in mid-level management, an executive in a big corporation, or a sole-proprietor, business leadership coaching is for you.

As a leader, you already have focus, talent, and drive. Shouldn’t that be all you need to move your executive career forward? Not if you’re moving toward the wrong thing.

An executive coach can help you:

  • Get crystal clear on what you want, which might be different from what you once wanted (or what someone else wants for you)
  • Identify behaviors that are moving you in the wrong direction
  • Map out a plan of next steps to take you to the next level

Use executive coaching to lead you in a direction you cannot lead yourself.

When you’re in an executive leadership position, you need to know the people you’re leading – not just superficially, but substantially. How else are you going to know the best way of utilizing their strengths and motivating them to engage for optimal performance?

Unfortunately, when you’re in a leadership role, it’s common to feel disconnected from the people you’re leading, and that can make effective leadership difficult.

An executive leadership coach can serve as an impartial third-party observer. Someone adept at seeing multiple points of view and helping you incorporate these varied perspectives into the achievement of a common goal.

Executive coaching works because your coach can:

  • See unhelpful behavior patterns that you’re too close to
  • Serve as a sounding board
  • Give you unbiased feedback
  • Hold you accountable to your goals
  • Point out successes that you might discount

Though it might seem like family and friends can do some of these things, they’re not trained to do them effectively. You need a professional for that.

Executive coaching can fail when you:

  • Work with a coach whose vision and coaching style don’t resonate with you
  • Try to control the process instead of trusting your coach to guide you through
  • Expect your coach to make decisions and set goals for you
  • Executive coaching can fail when the coach:
  • Doesn’t have adequate coaching experience in leadership training
  • Doesn’t take the time – or ask the right questions – to get to know your strengths, challenges, and goals
  • Doesn’t have a means of measuring (and celebrating) effective leadership successes

Your best defense against failure? Choose your coach carefully and trust the process she’s been trained to facilitate.

With executive leadership coaching, you can expect:

  • Inspiration – Whether you’re plenty inspired already, or you’re a little burnt out, an executive coach’s interest in you – and what you do – will fan those flames.
  • Collaboration – Executive coaching is a two-way street. You bring the goals; your coach brings the guidance.
  • Accountability – Wanting to do something isn’t always enough to get it done. What helps is having an accountability partner. Your executive coach can be that person for you – someone who not only knows what you want to do, but also follows up to be sure you have followed through.
  • Acknowledgement – Your successes will not go unnoticed. In fact, your executive coach will be looking for them and pointing them out. Not just to give you props, but to identify what works so that your successes can be repeated.

Executive coaching is a collaborative process for developing your business leadership skills.

First, you choose your executive coach.

Certification and experience are important, but equally so is her vision and coaching style. You can learn a lot from a website, but you’ll learn more in the introductory meeting – be it in-person or via Skype – during which you’ll get a good sense of her and what working together will feel like.

Second, your executive coach guides the process through a series of coaching sessions.

Your strengths, challenges, and goals will inform the work, but it’s your coach who will guide you through the process every step of the way. This is not to be confused with telling you what to do. She’ll give you advice if you ask for it, but your executive coach is there to drive the work forward, not determine its direction. The direction is up to you.

Finally, you assess your progress together, making changes as necessary and celebrating successes as you go.

As a leader, you expect a lot of yourself. But central to your success is your ability to ask for help when you need it.

Executive leadership coaching will help you:

  • Identify and strengthen core talents you may not even know you have
  • Discover and change unhelpful behavior patterns
  • Better motivate and engage the people you lead
  • Facilitate more productive collaborations
  • Clarify your career goals and map out a path for achievement

You already have executive leadership qualities and proven success. But when you’re ready to move to the next level – in your current leadership role or a new one you’d like to take on – it helps when you have an executive coach to lead you.

As with any kind of service, there is a range of prices for executive coaches, from $___ to $___ per session. Where any one coach falls within this range will depend on their certification, years of experience, location, and how they structure their packages. Here’s what I charge. [link to Packages]

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