Leadership & Executive Coaching.

Women in leadership roles can be particularly hard on ourselves. Shouldn’t we be able to do it all, be it all, have it all? The truth is, even leaders need help.

Executive coaching is a way to get the support you need in a safe, confidential environment.


As your certified Gallup strengths coach, we’ll do the uncomfortable work together. It’s not just for executives in big corporations. It’s for anyone who leads others or manages business. Call it leadership coaching. Call it performance coaching. Call it success coaching.  Whatever you call it, the executive coaching process will reveal what you intuitively know…


Asking for the support you need is not only a sign of strength – it’s a sign of a good leader. 


Let’s get started.


Strengthening Your Leadership Skills


How can you maximize the talents of the people you lead? How can you engage them more in their work? How can you facilitate more productive collaborations? How can you get the optimal performance you need for increased sales and profits? How can you more effectively define your own career path?


I asked myself these very questions prior to my own strengths-based coaching work. I was particularly concerned with employee engagement.


It was 2006 and I was a multi-unit field based leader working in New York City for the first time. I loved my job and I took a lot of pride in doing it well. At the same time, I was managing some people whose passion for the work didn’t match mine – not an unusual circumstance, but one I struggled to resolve.

“How do you manage someone who doesn’t seem to value their job?”

Then I took the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and started my strengths-based journey. That’s when I developed a deeper appreciation for the power of motivation.


What motivates me doesn’t motivate everyone. It was my job as a leader to take the time to understand my employee’s motivations. Motivation and talent are directly linked. Empowering people to do what they do best is extremely motivating and it drives results.  As employees became successful applying their talents to the job this perpetuated even further results


My background is rich with experiences and insights like this, informing the work I’d like to do with you as your business leadership coach.


My Commitment to You

As your executive coach, I will listen powerfully, with empathy and objectivity. I will learn your goals and understand your perspective. I will bring courage to the conversation, ensuring we get to the root of what should be driving your direction. I will help you map the individualized career path leading to a lucrative career and personal fulfillment.

What You Get with Strengths-Based Executive Coaching

Strengths-based coaching for leadership development is just what it sounds like. We focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.


It’s based on decades of research by American psychologist Don Clifton, recognized by the American Psychological Association as the Father of Strengths-based Psychology and Grandfather of Positive Psychology.


The strengths-based approach also has proven results


According to Gallup, organizations and teams that receive strengths-based coaching increase profits by 14 to 29 percent…increase sales by 10 to 19 percent…and lower turnover by 6 to 72 percent.

Increased Profits: Up to 29%

Increased Sales: Up to 19%

Lower Turnover: Up to 72%

Through strengths-based executive leadership coaching, we will:

  1. Use CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder) to identify your top five traits, or talents
  2. Discover how your top traits complement one another
  3. Identify and strengthen your leadership traits
  4. Identify and strengthen the talents of the people you lead
  5. Facilitate productive collaborations among them
  6. Listen to your employees, identify their motivations, and create opportunities for their satisfaction and success

It’s a partnership, really, between you and me. It’s your job to be open, exploring new aspects of yourself and trying new tactics. And it’s my job to encourage and hold you accountable throughout this challenging work.


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How We’ll Work Together

What you and I bring to the leadership coaching process will depend largely on each of our top five traits. These are mine:


Relator, Adaptability, Strategic, Individualization, Self-assurance


My coaching style follows – authentic, free-flowing conversation that will inform our strategy for empowering you to do your best at what you love. These top traits of mine, combined with yours (which we’ll discover in this process), will make for a unique coaching experience.


But there’s one thing we already know: our overarching goal.


That is, connecting on both a personal and professional level, developing your leadership qualities with a holistic approach. Your professional goals and strategies should complement your personal happiness and growth.

What We’ll Work On

Exploring Obstacles:

What’s standing in the way of your progress? It may not be what you think.  In fact, what I’ve found through my own strengths-based work is that the same leadership traits that make me successful are the same traits that can lead to my downfall. I know it’s counterintuitive, but it’s true.

Maybe you’re using one strength when you should be using another. Maybe you’re using the right strength, it just needs to be more fully developed. Or maybe what the challenge calls for is a strength you consider a weakness, common among women in leadership roles.

Learning to shift from one strength to another – or use them in tandem – is especially important when you’re managing people. Different personalities, behaviors, and motivations require different approaches.

Or, what we may discover is that overcoming the obstacles holding you back is simply a matter of bringing your professional and personal life into balance.

In any case, awareness of what’s blocking you is key to informing the adjustments you need to succeed.

Team Coaching:

Most of the time, executives are managers of people. In fact, that is how I would define an executive.

Consequently, business leadership coaching usually requires some form of team coaching. We may want to do team sessions that include you and your team members. We may also want to do coaching sessions with team members individually. In my experience, this team work serves as an invaluable, eye-opening experience.

Even under the best of circumstances, an executive is not going to have a full 360-degree view of everything that’s going on within a team dynamic. But bring in an unbiased presence – someone such as myself, trained to know what to ask, and what to watch and listen for – and the insights can be game-changing.

Alternatively, we can work through your top five traits and identify how they’re influencing your current interactions with the team. This knowledge combined with your team’s behavior and performance should give us a good idea of how you can tweak your style for more effective leadership.

Cultivating Professional Relationships:

The further you move up the corporate ladder, the lonelier it gets. Isolation often creeps in for sole-proprietors, too, as they spend so much of their time working alone at home.

Either way, it is important you establish a strong foundation of camaraderie with your peers.

As your Gallup strengths coach, I can help you identify:

  • How you’re interacting with your colleagues, in and out of the office
  • How satisfied or unsatisfied you are with these relationships
  • How you can deepen and strengthen these connections
  • How you can make new connections

This work will have the duel benefit of improving both your professional and personal life.


How We’ll Measure Success

I’m a results-driven person, every goal you set will include a measurement of effectiveness.


We’ll start by setting you up for success, identifying your leadership traits and establishing clear steps toward attainable objectives within each goal. We’ll track progress as we go and make necessary adjustments accordingly. Finally, we’ll gauge effectiveness using qualitative or quantitative measurements, depending on the nature of the goal.

Executive Coaching Questions

Ohhh, great questions! Who needs executive coaching? Why is executive coaching important? Why does executive coaching work? Why does executive coaching fail? Well, we have some answers for your executive coaching questions, so have a look. And as always, feel free to contact us if you have more.

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